Art Revolt at Revival Brewery this Saturday – Uprise RI


Have you ever walked into someone’s house and seen reprints of Picasso, Basquiat, Mondrian, and Rothko, and wondered where the 21st century is? Better yet, have you ever heard someone talk endlessly about their favorite 20th century artists, but have absolutely no idea what contemporary artists are? Let’s take it a step further: How many artists do you know in your own community, and are you ready to show their work on your wall?

You may not know the answer. After all, we all have different tastes – some love abstract art, some prefer the rigid formality of realism, still others – myself included – love graphic novels and other original cartoons with phrases that resonate. eye-catching. My own efforts in the world of zines and book writing have brought me in touch with countless artists across our great city. These are people who deserve to be condescending, who are worth exposing, and who are worth spreading. When people enter the Turtle Shell (where PLR ​​Podcast is recording), they see Marius and Vic from Providence, Still.Hear from Mansfield and Chris Hickman from Attleboro. It’s not that I don’t like the classics, it’s just that if we strive to build a strong community based on reciprocity, camaraderie, and intersectional support, then a minimum may be sponsorship of the arts in your own region, especially the upcoming art of working class artists who literally underestimate their work and yet put all they can into it. At Art Revolt at Revival Brewery on July 24, we organize an all day event (3 pm-12pm) to showcase the art of our community. Come complete your collection.

Visual art is not the only thing offered at the event. FREE you will also have the opportunity to show your support for music from our region. In an effort to celebrate all the music our community has to offer, we’ve created a masterful roster of bands and performers from multiple generations, races and genres. Whether you like sludgy metal or post-punk, d-beat or hip-hop, there is a set for you. The art gallery will literally be set up on the dance floor for you to walk through while you listen, drink and mingle. Dance if you want.

If music and a pop-up gallery don’t convince you, then maybe 15+ vendors and food trucks will. Vendors include everything from original clothes to bone jewelry and welfare organizations. There will be a sliding scale book sale to raise funds for a community library and pastries provided by everyone’s favorite vegan bakery, Blush.

In other words, there are MANY artists, vendors, and musicians vying for your attention. These folks don’t have the money and fame of Shepard Fairey, but I guarantee they have more motivation, more wit, and more attention to detail. After July 24th at Revival Brewery, I hope the next time you have some friends, instead of just watching another reprint of Van Gogh, Monet, or Pollock, they’ll be watching Derek Raymond, Wormo, Gost God, Doodleinyourhead, DopesickSF , or Anobelisk.

We cannot require you to wear a mask, but please respect high risk participants.

Go out and sponsor local working class art and say hello to the PLR ​​Podcast table.

See you in revolt!

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