ARMY hosts giveaways, parties and more

BTS’ youngest member Jungkook will turn 25 on September 1.

To show their love for the artist, ARMY goes to great lengths to celebrate his birthday, creating billboards, releasing Jungkook’s solo music, raising money for non-profit organizations, and even visiting his father’s restaurant in Seoul.

Millions of fans around the world have come together to participate in various thoughtful, sweet and larger-than-life birthday projects.

From India to Indonesia to China, ARMY spared no effort to make the day more special for him.

From LED ads in Times Square to drone projects, the star seems to have wielded influence in every region of the world and in every field.

While anticipation is high right now, ARMY has already started taking over Spotify with its anniversary ads.

“Happy Birthday Jungkook” is a huge trend across all social media platforms and has taken the internet by storm.

Here are some of the surprising anniversary projects ARMY has launched this year-

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