Aerospike and Western Digital Ready to Decode Data Storage and Management at Upcoming Virtual Summit, IT News, ET CIO



Data‘- a word that has the power to make or break business today. Data is an essential tool for business growth and an asset par excellence that a company protects with all its might. For decades, technology assistants have worked tirelessly to improve data access and management, which has given rise to the various modern and intuitive database systems, data security solutions and technical infrastructure. that we have today. Distributed computing environments have thus taken precedence, as have the transformations of global data configurations for companies.

The challenge for today’s businesses is to manage large and rapidly growing operational data pools in real time. The need for out-of-the-box database management systems combined with a powerful composable data infrastructure has become the inevitable answer.

When AerospikeThe distributed NoSQL system is coupled with Western digitalWith OpenFlexTM composable infrastructure, organizations can help achieve these goals. The combination of Aerospike’s distributed NoSQL system and Western Digital’s OpenFlexTM composable infrastructure enables IT operators to intelligently connect disaggregated resources and manage, modify and scale these components over time. The combination is the perfect answer for IT teams to achieve productivity, agility, increased performance and faster time to market.

In this context, Aerospike and Western Digital in association with are organizing an interactive virtual event, Data technology solutions on September 1, 2021, titled “Real-time Data Management with Low Latency NVME ™ Over Fabrics Technology”. The event will see the meeting of leading technical experts, as they will delve deeper into how real-time database development can be applied with disaggregated storage infrastructure to achieve remarkable performance improvements.

The long-awaited virtual event will focus on interactive experiences, ensuring highlights such as insightful seminars, knowledge-rich live discussions, virtual product booths in the exhibition hall and more. And the engagement doesn’t end there! Participants can participate in games and challenges, and claim rewards while learning more about the critical topic of data management and storage.

The event will be honored by the presence of some of the most prominent data technology veterans, joining hands to distribute golden knowledge and practical, actionable ideas. To name a few: Sridhar Sabesan, Director, Platform Engineering, Western Digital, India, Pradeep Bhomia, Head of Infrastructure Transformation (Engineering), Airtel, Naresh Rana, Senior Director, Western Digital, India; Manpreet Ahluwalia, Regional Manager, Western Digital, India ;; Aveekshith Bhushan, Managing Director, Aerospike, APAC, among others.

Be a part of this remarkable data and tech gathering, and learn more about what’s to come, by signing up here

Join us on September 1, 2021 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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