Abel Contemporary Gallery Exhibitions – Isthmus

press release: from November 11 to December 31, 2022, we present to you Karl Borgeson and Mary Hood: New job, cutting show: Collective exhibition, In no. 5: keep time: by Kelly Connole and Danny Saathoff. Opening on Friday November 11 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. open to the public (snow date: Saturday November 12 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.). Shows open online Saturday, November 12 at 10 a.m. CST.

In-person artist interview: Mary Hood – Saturday, November 12, 2 p.m.

Virtual Artist Talk: Kelly Connole and Danny Saathoff – Thursday, December 8, 5 p.m.: This online event will include: a video tour of the exhibition installed in the gallery, a conversation with the artists about their work and Q&A with the public. Streamed via Facebook live and available on our website, the recorded video will also be available for viewing after the event is over.

Karl Borgeson and Mary Hood: New job

Karl Borgeson creates sculptural utilitarian ceramics rooted in a minimalist palette. Using

two engobes, four glazes and two pastes of clay, stoneware and porcelain, Borgeson develops subtle variations of colors and textures. Particularly intrigued by the everyday objects and vernacular architecture he observed during his travels in West Africa and Indonesia, Borgeson incorporates these influences into the surface decoration of his work, as evidenced by the use of the line to refer to a variety of basket weaving images.

Mary Hood’s most recent work uses large-format printmaking techniques to reflect on pandemic realities through the lens of what we can learn from trees. Using trees metaphorically, Hood explores the realities of isolation, interconnectedness, rebirth, communities and strength. Always interested in the wide range of techniques that engraving encompasses, Hood researched laser engraving for this project, combining it with traditional intaglio techniques.

Cup Show: Group Show

Perhaps the simplest and most utilitarian vessel, the cup has an immense history and enormous formal variation. This exhibition features mugs in their many forms by Chris

Alveshere, Tom Bartel, Jamie Bates Slone, Aaron Becker, Karl Borgeson, Winthrop Byers, Jeff Campana, Rob Cartelli, Craig Clifford, Sunshine Cobb, Nick DeVries, Paul Donnelly, Ben Eberle, Delores Fortuna, Daniel Garver, Chris Gustin, Steven Hill , Rick Hintze, Paul Ide, Maggie Jaszczak, Tom Jaszczak, Kyle Johns, Bruce Johnson, Stacey Johnson Hardy, Ani Kasten, Joanne Kirkland, Tim Kowalczyk, Debbie Kupinsky, Lynda Ladwig, Glynnis Lessing, George Lowe, Ernest Miller, Rachelle Miller, Alex Mandli, Ryan Myers, Ted Neal, Charlie Olson, Wendy Olson, Matt Repsher, Reid Schoonover, Juliane Shibata, Mark Skudlarek, Amy Smith, Chad Steve and Shumpei Yamaki.

In no. 5: Keeping Time: Kelly Connole and Danny Saathoff

Composed of collaborative and individual pieces by Kelly Connole and Danny Saathoff, keep time explores the synergies between their complementary aesthetics and conceptual ideas. Time, on a geological and human scale, resonates through the work as the artists reflect on climate change and family relationships. The work emulates the fragility and vulnerability of our planet, and of ourselves, through rhythmic sounds, visual repetitions and the use of recognizable images of birds and boats, maps and butterflies, combined to ice, earth and machines.

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