8 things to know as weekly Chateau Theater previews begin Thursday – Reuters

ROCHESTER — The doors of the historic Chateau Theater will open to the public on Thursday for the first time since Threshold Arts signed a three-year operating agreement with the city.

“I know people are excited to start seeing things happen here,” Threshold founding director Naura Anderson said of the city-owned Peace Plaza building.

The building is largely as it was left when Exhibits Development Group and the city prematurely ended their 2019 operating agreement a year ago, following struggles over COVID restrictions.

Anderson said some elements, including a divider between the planned retail space and the performance space, will remain, but changes are being sought to improve performance options and provide room for a variety of uses.

“Our goal is to keep everything here as flexible as possible,” she said.

Meg Kartheiser, Threshold Arts intern, works on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, in what will become a sales space near the entrance to the Château Théâtre.

Randy Petersen / Publish Bulletin

Although the castle is not yet open daily, Anderson said the goal is to have the gates open weekly on Thursdays downtown to preview the work being done.

Here are some things to know about the plans:

1. Retail space will emerge as Downtown Thursdays continue.

Threshold Arts will eventually feature items from local artists in a retail space in the front part of the castle.

Anderson said the space, along with the community gathering space, should be ready for regular activity in mid-July, meaning weekly visitors will be able to see it unfold with a unique behind-the-scenes look at the development.

Castle 8.JPG
The Théâtre du Château will be the site of an open day on Thursday June 16, 2022 organized by Threshold Arts.

Randy Petersen / Publish Bulletin

2. Public information is sought.

While several planned uses are already underway, Anderson said the first opening on Thursday will be an opportunity for residents to share their ideas for future activities.

She said the first week will be an open day, with art activities and posters allowing people to share their ideas about what is needed at the Chateau.

“We don’t want to miss something that community members feel they need,” she said.

Castle 5.JPG
Posters with post-it notes are set to solicit ideas for uses of the castle theater during an open day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 16, Thursdays from the first

Randy Petersen / Publish Bulletin

3. The past will be celebrated.

In addition to looking for ideas for the future, Anderson said Thursday’s events will include an option to share stories from the past.

“There’s such a story in this building, and so many people have stories about it,” she said of the building which was built in 1927 as a vaudeville theater and cinema.

She said personal stories and the history of the building should be featured throughout Threshold’s operations.

4. This is an opportunity to meet the Threshold team.

Anderson said three core staff will be on hand Thursdays to discuss plans for the castle, and more staff are expected to be added as work towards full-scale operations begins.

5. Volunteers are needed.

In addition to staff, Anderson said Threshold Arts is looking for volunteers to be ambassadors for the castle, providing visitors with information about the building, as well as the town and local activities.

“We want people who can provide that concierge-like experience,” she said.

As well as supporting the community effort, she said volunteers will help keep the castle open to the public for more hours throughout the week.

Castle 9.JPG
Rochester artist Kristina Tran sets up a pop-up display outside the Chateau Theater on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. Several Threshold Arts member artists held pop-up events outside the theater as work is underway to prepare for its reopening.

Randy Petersen / Publish Bulletin

6. Artistic pop-up events are already happening.

Members of Threshold periodically set up shop in front of the Chateau Theater, and Anderson said they would continue to do so.

She said it was an opportunity to engage visitors and others, as well as raise awareness of what will be happening at the Chateau.

7. Reservations are set for October.

Activity inside the castle will largely depend on a variety of planned upgrades, from renovated bathrooms to improved acoustics.

Although some impromptu activities may take place earlier, Anderson said the first bookings are scheduled for October.

“A number of community groups are starting to plan,” she said, adding that announcements for some events are expected to come soon.

Castle 6.JPG
The Théâtre du Château offers a variety of spaces programmed under the city’s contract with Threshold Arts.

Randy Petersen/ Publish Bulletin

8. The grand opening is scheduled for November.

While doors are expected to be open regularly in July, Anderson said a grand opening of the Chateau Theater as part of Operation Threshold Arts is tentatively scheduled for November.

She said the goal was to match the timing of some additional Peace Plaza upgrades.

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