17 gorgeous black designer pieces to add to your wardrobe


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The fashion industry is known for its lack of diversity. However, you don’t have to be a fashionista to support black designers. The number of emerging designers, often unknown, continues to grow every day. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a Hollywood insider to know who’s hot. Sometimes it’s enough to follow a few hashtags on social media.

Whether you are looking for yourself, your family, or your friends, you can find something that fits your style and budget. These creators need your support now and every day. Buying their designs can help them get the funding and gain the recognition they need to compete with their peers. Check out their websites, follow them on social media and spread the word! Here are 17 fashion pieces from black fashion designers you can support for Black History Month and beyond.

1. Summer top high low Ankara

Breathtaking with this top.

You can wear it as a cape or as a top and both options will be equally striking. This is made with an authentic African print from Ankara and its size up to 5x. You can also order a matching headband to complete the look. Reviewers are thrilled with this piece and they say this item is just as vibrant in person, but it’s also packaged neatly and wrinkle free on arrival.

Get Etsy’s Ankara High Low Summer Top for $ 50.96

2. ‘Black Is Beautiful’ Toddler Sweatshirt

Give your little one positive encouragement while looking fashionable.

Treat your little one to a soft, trendy hoodie with a positive message. The hoodie is part of Target’s Well Worn fashion line, born out of the company’s 2019 Black History Month success. clothing collection. The collection was led by Terri Stevens, Director of Visual Merchandising at Target, and featured designer designs including The Spencer Walker.

This particular sweatshirt will be your kid’s favorite thing to wear in no time. It’s great for winter when your little one needs diapers and it’s also a great sweatshirt to wear when the weather changes to have with the seasons. Reviewers say this sweatshirt is of good quality and the empowering message makes it a family favorite.

Get Target’s ‘Black Is Beautiful’ Toddler Sweatshirt for $ 18

3. Chantel wetsuit and bikini set

This royal blue matching set will make you feel majestic.

Street 107 has been setting trends in inclusive sizes for years. Celebrities like Ashanti as well as countless models and influencers have embraced the lively, trendy and chic brand. Critics say this brand has the best fit, essential pieces that anyone can look great in.

Get the Chantel de Rue 107 jumpsuit and bikini set for $ 150

4. Carla silk dress from Sosomeshop

When you want to turn heads ...

Now this dress is a show-stopper! Whether you want to make a statement during Black History Month or any other time, this dress is made for the challenge. Even though Sosome is located in London, the fashion brand is international. Critics rave about the fact that this dress is just as beautiful in person and the craftsmanship is impeccable.

Get Etsy’s Carla Silk Dress for $ 216.49

5. “Elephant Futurism” long sleeve t-shirt

A classic sweater with an authentic Brooklyn look.

BK Circus is a Brooklyn, NY fashion label that blends style, elegance and urban sophistication. Their varsity jackets and sweaters graced a number of fashion publications including Hypebeast and Esquire. When you are looking for clothes that reflect a chic and urban look while remaining authentic, BK Circus will not disappoint.

Get the BK Circus “Elephant Futurism” Long Sleeve Tee for $ 65

6. Peloton x Monica Ahanonu Strappy Bra

Your sports clothes will never be the same again.

This year, Peloton partnered with four black artists to create a unique collection of sportswear reflecting black history through art. Temi Coker, Hust wilson,

and Monica Ahanonu each brought a unique and diverse perspective of black diaspora creativity to this collection and the result is simply stunning. Ahanonu used a blend of Caribbean culture to create a vibrant and beautiful bra design, ideal for low impact activities.

Get the Peloton x Monica Ahanonu Strappy Bra from Peloton for $ 56

7. HBCUs A Different World Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Everyone's favorite TV college.

Who didn’t want to go to Hillman University? The fictional TV show inspired a generation of black children to head out and graduate from historic black colleges and universities, also known as HBCU. Whether you attended an HBCU or want to, everyone can agree that Hillman is still the best school they wish they had attended. At Exclusively HBCU, you can represent your school and your Black Greek organization with pride.

Get the HBCUs A Different World Long Sleeve T-Shirt from HBCU Exclusive for $ 32.99

8. Kobe Bryant Icon Shirt

The Black Mamba is the history of black people.

Created Out Of Love, better known as COOL, works hard to stay committed to its mission statement. The aim is to visualize the experience of blacks as agents of change in all industries in the struggle for equality. Clothing designs serve as a vehicle for showcasing and uplifting black culture. This Kobe Bryant shirt was designed by brand co-founder Terrence Wilson as an honorary tribute to Bryant’s legendary career.

Get COOL’s Kobe Bryant Icon Shirt for $ 62

9. Eleven 60 Blaze Blazer

You'll never fear impressions again.

One of the most famous contemporary gospel singers is now a fashion designer. Eleven 60 by Kierra Sheard is a modern yet modest collection of plus size clothing, ideal for casual work and day wear. However, this Aztec print blazer is anything but boring. It can be dressed up with a skirt or relaxed with jeans or tailored pants. Reviewers say it’s the most unique jacket they’ve ever bought.

Get the Macy’s Eleven 60 Blaze Blazer for $ 299

10. Adidas Beyoncé Superstar platform sneakers

The superstar has taken over fashion and our wallets.

If you are one of the lucky few influencers to receive Ivy Park, then consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us, we sit at our computers and phones hoping that we can buy some Ivy Park before it runs out. The Beyoncé and Adidas collaboration has proven to be a hit with everyone from trend setters to soccer moms. These platform sneakers give you comfort as well as a little height so you can practice all of Beyoncé’s moves without shame. Reviewers say they have received the most compliments wearing these shoes and that they are a perfect blend of athletic and high fashion wear.

Get Nordstrom’s Beyoncé Superstar Adidas Platform Sneaker for $ 200

11. Do you see us now? Graphic T-shirt

A bold statement for a daring tee.

Nordstrom’s latest project called Black space is a carefully curated collection of black designers and collaborators such as Beth Birkett and Matthew Henson, and it features innovative designers like Bode, Botter, Art Comes First and many more. The collection has 100 pieces that range from t-shirts to accessories and beauty products. This graphic tee has a straightforward proclamation that’s hard to ignore even if you want to. Even though it’s true to size, it’s still cut for a little extra space.

Get it Do you see us now? Nordstrom Graphic Tee for $ 195

12. Vegan suede bomber jacket

Wear the ultimate bomber jacket this spring.

Even though Black History Month is a short month, soon after, spring will arrive and you will need a nice, stylish jacket to welcome the fresh flowers. Designate Chuks collins is a master of modern style and his custom creations wow fans. This suede jacket won’t arrive for a few weeks, but that’s because it’s custom made to fit the buyer’s dimensions.

Get Chuks Collins’ Vegan Suede Bomber Jacket for $ 200

13. Kimono Sokhana Dress

A dress that can accompany you from day to night effortlessly.

Who doesn’t love a multifunctional and chic dress? You can wear it as an open kimono during the day and change it into a dress for the evening. Pair it with bold accessories to channel your inner mannequin. Reviewers say this kimono is soft, luxurious, and perfectly cut.

Get Diarrablu’s Sokhana Kimono Dress for $ 195

14. Open long slit and windy skirt

A maxi that takes your style to the max.

If your wardrobe needs a dynamic makeover, here is your new centerpiece. It can be worn as a long strapless dress or a skirt, which gives you more styling options. Designer Shawn Denise wants women to feel like a work of art, so she creates conversation-worthy pieces.

Get Paint By Shawn Denise’s Slit Windy Maxi Skirt for $ 120

15. Luca one piece

You are going to want to buy multiple swimsuits.

If you are looking for swimsuits in multiple skin tones, look no further. Matte Collection is a trendy and affordable brand that mixes modern design and diversity. Critics praise the brand for its great quality at such an affordable price. This particular swimsuit received a 4.5 star rating from reviewers, with one saying it “fits like a glove.”

Get the Luca one-piece from Matte Collection for $ 26

16. Straw and wool

Unleash your inner jazzman.

Have you ever taken a look at your family photos and noticed how many hats people were wearing? Whatever the occasion, you were almost guaranteed to see people wearing hats on board. Straw and Wool encourages customers to create their story by treating their hats as a centerpiece rather than an accessory. Based in Phoenix, AZ, this brand seeks to bring back classic hats to reinvent the urban style. This particular hat is available in four colors, perfect for any wardrobe. It is made from 100% Australian wool and has a satin lining and a cotton headband.

Get the Straw and Wool Tarik for $ 60

February 17 x AART Pullover Pullover

These queens will never be forgotten.

This color block sweater designed by Shaquita García highlights the names of some of the best artists this world has seen. The February collection highlights important women such as Grace Jones, Eartha Kitt and Diana Ross as heroes who transformed the entertainment industry as well as pop culture. The collection combines traditional Pan-African colors (like black and green) and combines them with improbable colors, like red and pink.

Get the February x AART from AART NYC for $ 69

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